We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us directly with your questions.


How much will it cost?

To answer that question we usually need at least one full set of plans for initial review. If the project is in the preliminary or not even on paper then it is very hard to figure costs based on theoretical square footage and building site dynamics. We can help you figure out the basic costs of a custom home but this may take some drawings, as well as construction details of what you want. The more information you bring to us the better idea we will have of what the costs may be for what it is that you want to build. More information is better.

How long will it take to build?

Projects on the simpler side can run from 6 to 9 months for a new home. As the homes grow in size and complexity the duration grows as well. If the site conditions are difficult this can dramatically impact the schedule. Access from neighboring areas as well as staging areas for materials can also add additional length to projects. We will provide you with an outline of the estimated construction schedule once the final drawings and budget have been determined.

Do you do design work?

Yes. At Granville Construction, we have a team of architects, designers, and landscape designers that we work with to facilitate the building process. We believe that being a part of the design team will help the client get a better product in the end. This also helps with budgeting for the project, and eliminating surprises later during the process.

Do you do competitive bidding?

No, at Granville Construction we believe the competitive bidding process to be flawed and that it works against the client – contractor relationship. A contractor is generally selected based on the lowest bid. To bring in the lowest bid, a contractor may have to cut corners, use inferior materials, questionable subcontractors, unskilled labor and/or bid only what is shown on the plans, knowing full well that additional work or materials will be needed then adding huge fees for "change orders." We feel dishonesty is not a good way to start a relationship with a client. We believe in establishing a fixed percentage of the construction cost to be paid to the contractor for overhead and profit. With our open book policy for billing, we provide all of the back-up for billings at cost and the client then only pays for the work that is done and not a penny more. We don’t believe that if we find a way to cut costs, that we should keep the client’s money. If we are able to save money, that is for the client’s benefit – not ours. Welcome to our team approach where we put all of the cards on the table.

Do you give free bids?

Yes, Granville Construction does give free bids. We believe in working as a team with dedicated clients that are committed to building quality projects and want to develop a relationship built on trust and integrity. Granville Construction offers what we call “Price Planning.” For a nominal fee we provide a comprehensive cost analysis that will provide a budget direction for the project. This is the start of a working relationship between builder and client that will show the level of integrity and attention to detail that will help foster the trust in the future work of Granville Construction. The nominal fee is deducted from your first invoice.