Quad-Lock, ICF

Quad-Lock  – Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). With the ever increasing cost of energy, we have looked for advances in building technologies, with a special consideration for energy savings.  A concrete house compliments every aspect of new home construction.  Comfortable and the highest energy efficiency available in a home today. Quiet and the simplest "solid wall" solution. Concrete homes are constantly achieving the highest energy guide levels. Quad-lock buildings have qualified for the Platinum LEED standard.  Earthquake resistant, ICF forms make seismic design easily achievable. 


Quad-Deck – This state of the art product, was introduced to North America in 2007. This product allows architects & engineers a modern advanced system for structural floors. It replaces the traditional, wood floor and concrete topping, used in most "radiant heat" hydronic systems. A "poured in place" slab and "I-joists" is formed with the Quad-deck system. This system allows for very large spans helping architects & engineers achieve simple solutions to design challenges. 

Architectural design – There are several prominent Vancouver based Architects that have designed Quad-lock homes. We can arrange an introduction and assist in the design of your project. We also have referrals for Architects familiar with ICF, working outside of British Columbia. 

We are actively seeking new business relationships with Architects, Designers & Realtors interested in ICF

Budgeting – We provide preliminary budgeting numbers based on detailed written assumptions as well as drawings. Then we move into a “Price Planning” contract that provides the client with detailed cost analysis for a nominal fee.

Site and Production Management – Every Granville Construction project has a job superintendent that will be your direct job site contact from start to finish. These craftsmen understand the level of detail and accountability that we expect. They are there to answer questions and facilitate the process as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Construction – We use the most skilled and reputable subcontractors. These subcontractors have several years of proven track records in quality, performance and stability. Because of this, you can count on them being there for us throughout the project process. We also use our own staff of framing carpenters as well as finish carpenters for a continuity of detail and quality.

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